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Need some inspiration? Encouragement to face your day or to just feel like you’re not alone? I know what it feels like to face the grind of everyday life and wonder what this life is all about. When challenges come one after the other and everything feels mundane… lifeless. I also know that if you go through the process, at the end of it all, there are beautiful lessons to be learned and strength to be gained – if you don’t give up.


This blog is mostly about sharing lessons I’vlearned from my life to help you not give up…

To let you know you’re not alone in whatever you’re going through in life…

That Jesus loves you…

I’m here for you – if you ever need a friend- even across the plethora of websites connecting us through the internet, to just love you and accept you for who you are…

To remind you of a truth that you might have forgotten over time… 

That you are a masterpiece, wonderfully, uniquely created by a loving God who calls you

His precious, beloved child. 

I’ve categorized the content of this blog into different pages to make things more organized (yes… I like it when things are organized and well planned out… ^^). 

Hope this blog leaves you encouraged and inspired 🙂 



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Who knows, it might be a word of encouragement really needed by someone else out there! 🙂